About Us

About Us

Anka mineral is a very qualified calcium carbonate manufacturer which was established in 2008 in Turkey. Our factory is based on an area 15.000 square meters in Aksaray Industrial Area, and by means of this our products have the feature of impurity. The other significant qualifications of our products are the highest whiteness degree and homogenous particle size distribution.

In other words, Anka Mineral A.Ş. is a well-organized and pioneer company which have the ability to produce the purest calcium carbonate products in its own factory with its own calcite raw materials.

What is calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate is short term for "calcite" formations; that is used in almost all the production areas of paints, plastics, construction chemicals, pharmacy, pvc, cable, rubber, animal feed, compounds and masterbatches… as whitening enhancer, cost-reducing mineral filler.

Except for calcium carbonate manufacturing factory which takes place in Aksaray Industrial Area, Anka Mineral has a raw material production plant in Ortaköy on an area 1.500.000 square meters. By means of this calcite raw material ores, our company produces high-whiteness and pure calcium carbonate products in its own factory as both raw material and also final product and supplies them to all domestic and international customers.